The Change Game

Introduction to  The Change Game


When talking is the only Answer

When talking is the only answer Some issues are so important, complex or emotive that they must be discussed face-to-face with stakeholders especially those at the ‘frontline’. Unless people are given the chance to discuss and debate certain issues they will remain ambivalent, hostile or skeptical.

Warm-up games and exercises are excellent in most situations but sometimes participants need to start discussing the issues immediately because time is limited. But this can be almost impossible without some type of warm-up.

That is why we created The Change Game, a scenario based board game, that combines the fun of playing a game with an engaging, intense and creative debate.

How does it work?

The Change Game is a simple board game for 8 to 16 players plus a facilitator. It lasts 30 to 60 minutes.
Two teams compete to ask and answer questions relevant to the meeting. Points are awarded for creative answers. The team with most points wins the game. It’s simple, relevant and very effective.
The Change Game generates energy, creativity, noise and fun in a very short time. Players finish a 45 minute game full of relevant ideas and eager to continue the discussion in a more structured and formal way. It is the perfect springboard for a productive meeting or workshop.
Any number of games can be played in parallel so it’s ideal for conferences.

Off-the-shelf and customised kits
Game kits come complete with everything you need to run a game including detailed instructions explaining the best ways to plan and run a game to get the most from your meeting, workshop or event.

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